China Media Observatory - CMO


China Media Observatory (CMO) aims at systematically monitoring the evolution of the system of media and communications in China according to the main economic, political as well as social and cultural dimensions. The Observatory carries out scientific research, is active in academic teaching, and favors exchanges for teaching and research purposes and establishes collaboration agreements with European universities as well as with Chinese universities. 

CMO was established in 2006 to increase the academic knowledge of Chinese politics, economics, and culture in the field of media and communication studies.

Scientifc research

In the field of research, CMO has mainly focused on developing specific research projects on Chinese media system, Chinese media companies and the growing Chinese presence in Europe with interdisciplinary approach.

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Academic teaching

In the field of teaching, CMO has mainly focused on organizing and teaching modules at different summer schools that are organized and co-organized by CMO.

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CMO promotes the scientific exchange of knowledge with Chinese and European Universities and representing a exchange platform for European scholars on Chinese media and culture studies and for Chinese scholars on European or international media studies.

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