Research at CMO

CMO develops specific research projects on Chinese media system, Chinese media companies and the growing Chinese presence in Europe with interdisciplinary approach. Research carried out by CMO mainly focuses on:

Political economy of communication in China
  • Evolution of strategic processes of the Chinese government related to the media market
  • Regulation of the media system
  • Chinese market structure
  • Import-export exchanges
  • Relationships between media companies, government, and society

Digital media in China
  • Rise of internet and social media in China
  • Development and controversy of Chinese media technology companies.

Chinese media history
  • Development of Chinese media in the 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries;
  • Historical role of China at the transnational level, with a specific focus on its position within international organizations regulating the media;
  • Mutual shaping of Chinese and Western media in the long perspective.

Media analysis, strategic communication and intercultural communication
  • Cultural image of China in Western countries
  • Analysis of intercultural and transnational narratives on Chinese media from a global perspective
  • China's soft power in Europe.


The Observatory hosts a documentation centre that collects and makes available to students, researchers as well as operators active in the field materials such as texts published in Europe and North America, yearbooks, papers, Ph.D. dissertations, researches etc. Some material is also available in Chinese language. The Observatory also produces periodically dossiers on specific aspects of the media and communications in China.